ENTIRE US SENATE Votes 100-0 to Impose Sanctions on Iran if They Get Caught Cheating

Jim Hoft
The Gateway Pundit

The US Senate voted 100-0 – just before 6:30pm ET on Thursday – on Senator Kirk’s amendment to reimpose sanctions on the Iranians if they get caught cheating on a deal.

The nonbinding language is grounded in a section on violations written into the Kirk-Menendez legislation, which more broadly increases pressure on Iran if they fail to sign on to a deal that puts their atomic program beyond use for weaponization. The effect of the vote was to put the entire Senate on record supporting the principles of Kirk-Menendez.

The AFP quickly moved to describe the vote as “US Senate threatens Iran with new sanctions“. Note that just a few days ago Democrats had been blocking the measure.

Yesterday the entire Senate approved it.

On Thursday the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that Iran was not providing needed access or information to their nuclear facilities.



Update:  Brit FM says Iran framework deal will not be written down

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says that any framework deal reached with Iran before the deadline on April 1 will probably not be written down and will be vague, and short on specifics…



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