Even the Queen Holds Her Own Umbrella

Obama to Marines: Hey, come here and hold an umbrella over me and Erdogan, will you?

Hot Air

Via Greg Hengler, I’m sure this has been done before by other presidents, simply because the optics are sufficiently bad that Team O wouldn’t have tried it without precedent to cite in its defense. Free advice to future administrations, then: Discontinue this practice. These guys aren’t valets. The slogan is not “The Few, the Proud, the Umbrella Stands.” The good news is, we live in a golden age of technological progress where all manner of standalone head coverings are available in case the skies look cloudy for the next Rose Garden press conference. Imagine a small, thin, clear plastic tarp raised a few feet above the podiums, out of the camera’s line of sight, shielding The One and America’s Hamas-supporting Islamist cretin “ally” from nature’s wrath. Magical.

As for the substance of the presser: He makes no apologies for vigorously investigating national-security leaks, even if that involves a de facto dragnet of 20 reporters’ phone records; and he has complete confidence in Eric Holder. Basically what you’d expect.


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Photos of Queen Elizabeth II, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President Obama (above) via The Gateway Pundit.




Photo, above, from Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel.





CAJ note: With all the Ivy League geniuses working in the White House, is it too much to expect just one of them might possess enough common sense to log on to The Weather Channel’s website before sending the President and visiting dignitaries into the Rose Garden?


Update: See “Pulling Guard Duty”

Absolutely no disrespect was intended toward the young Marine.



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