Evil Google!

EMERGENCY: Spread the word, Doug Ross’ Journal deleted by Google without warning!

Kevin DuJan

Doug Ross’ Journal – a political site that regularly criticizes the Obama Administration – was deleted by Google without warning earlier today.

Doug is updating the situation via Twitter here.

A bit of history on this:  in the 2008 primaries, Google pulled this with anti-Obama sites as well. There was actually a period where running a site critical of Obama felt like being in a staged reading of “Ten Little Indians”, wondering if today was the day that Blogspot would delete you.

It’s a scary thought for those who didn’t invest in servers of their own, with backups and redundancies in case their sites are hacked.  Google, just like WordPress, can delete anything it wants, anytime it wants, with the push of a button. Of course when called on it they will claim it was a mistake — or, more likely, they’ll just never give any comment at all on the matter and ignore all requests for an explanation.

The funny thing is, this doesn’t ever seem to happen to sites that ADORE and pay homage to Obama.  Nope.  Those sites are probably the safest surreal estate in all of the Internets.

The SCARY thing is, in the past this hasn’t happened to just one site at a time…so if you go to a favorite political site today and find it disappeared, it sure feels like Google’s starting some pro-Obama groundwork ahead of the 2012 campaign by attempting to wipe out his critics, as if they never existed…

The article continues at HillBuzz.

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CAJ note: If it hadn’t been for our Wordboss this blog might have ended up on Blogspot, as well. It’s easy, very user-friendly and I had already produced other non-political blogs there. I love their beautiful templates. But this “pulling the plug” was exactly the kind of possibility he warned about. Though we compile Common American Journal on WordPress, a copy of the entire blog on our own server. It’s a little bit costly and time-consuming but we’d be willing to bet Doug wishes he’d protected his excellent blog in the same way.

Since Obama’s election and the cozy relationship Google developed with the administration, and other repressive governments, we have refused to use any Google products at all, including their search engine.

“Don’t be evil.” Indeed.

So, if you find yourself trying to follow one of the links to Doug’s articles embedded in any of our posts, you’ll understand now why they’re no longer available.

Doug Power is also a contributor to MichelleMalkin.com. About Obama’s illegal immigrant Uncle “Omar” Obama Onyango:

Doug Powers cracks: “If the president was serious about rounding up illegals he’d host a family reunion and have ICE throw a net over the South Lawn.”


Correction: I’ve been informed that we only use WordPress software to post the articles on Common American Journal. We purchased the domain name and pay to host the site ourselves on an independent web-hosting service. So, until our ISP becomes a servant of the government, we should be able to post virtually anything we see fit.

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