Ex-cop boots #OWS heckler from congressman’s swearing-in

Marine vet teaches OWS heckler a lesson

Frank Rosario, Doug Auer, and Bob Fredericks
The New York Post

Meet New York’s newest hero.

Kevin Hiltunen, a former NYPD officer, yesterday grabbed an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator by the collar and dragged him out of a Queens school where he’d been heckling US Rep. Bob Turner at the congressman’s swearing-in ceremony.

“I guess you could say I sorted him out,” said Hiltunen, 48, his jacket and tie barely mussed after dragging the scruffy protester out on his rear end.

“All I was doing was trying to stop this historic occasion from being disrupt-ed. There is a time and place to exercise your First Amendment rights,’’ said Hiltunen, of Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, who was identified by people at the ceremony as an ex-Marine.

“This was not the time or the venue,” Hiltunen added…

…“He was close by to where I was standing, and he started yelling something about Bob Turner,” said Hiltunen, who described himself as a Turner supporter and a volunteer for his congressional campaign.

“So I grabbed him by his sweat shirt and escorted him out. I just had to do what was right. I was just here to witness this historic occasion.”…

The complete article is at The New York Post.

SHOUT OUT: A stunned Weissman could blurt out just, “Bob Turner has only been in office for two months and . . .” before getting the heave-ho from Hiltunen.
Photo: Matthew McDermott

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