Feds to Cap What Citizens Can Spend on Own Healthcare

Study: Needed treatments can be denied ‘even if patient is willing and able to pay’

Bob Unruh

A new report from officials with the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at National Right to Life warns that one of the things in Obamacare that ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised Americans would discover is that they will not be allowed to spend what they choose on their own health care.

The extreme position was revealed by a special report from the NRLC, titled “The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Access in the United States,” which analyzes four fundamental policy areas of Obamacare.

It finds several areas through which the federal health care law “will drastically limit access to life-saving medical treatment under the law.”

“These four areas include: the ‘excess benefit’ tax coming into effect in 2018, the current exclusion of adequate health insurance plans from the exchanges, present limits on senior citizens’ ability to use their own money for health insurance, and federal limits on the care doctors give their patients to be implemented as soon as 2016.”

“For pro-life Americans concerned about the impact on innocent life – both born and unborn – the policies of Obamacare couldn’t be worse,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, as the study was being released on Thursday…


The article continues at WorldNetDaily.



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…Before the Affordable Care Act, nine out of every 10 patients with pre-existing conditions had coverage. They got it through an employer-provided plan, Medicare or Medicaid without discrimination. Only the individual insurance market allowed insurers to charge sick people more or turn them away, and even in that market, most got covered. Nationwide, only 2 million to 4 million people with health problems needed help getting insurance. That’s about 1 percent of the population — a small, fixable problem.

Obamacare will make it bigger. As millions lose on-the-job coverage this year or next and get pushed into Obamacare, those with pre-existing illnesses will have the same difficulty getting care as the patients in the television ads. It’s no lie.



Update: Delusional POTUS: Obamacare ‘Working The Way It Should’ (video)

Despite its glitch ridden website, patients being forced to switch doctors, and employers laying off their workers, and other dismal effects of Obamacare, President Obama seems to think that his signature piece of legislature is “working the way it should.”…



CAJ note: Don’t you often think, “What if he isn’t delusional, inept? Maybe this is exactly the way he’s planned it.”



Update 2:  To Address Obamacare’s Political Problems, Obama Creates a Bigger Policy Mess

Yesterday’s confirmation that the Obama administration will extend a previous administrative tweak allowing individuals with non-compliant health plans to keep their current coverage through 2016 reveals two things about the White House and its approach to the health law.

The first is that President Obama is willing to deviate from the statute of the legislation to the extent that he sees fit, regardless of his legal authority to do so. The second is that the politics and policy considerations surrounding the law are at odds—and that right now, short-term political considerations are winning…

Healthcare.gov Contractor With Troubled Background Has Long History With Obama

The company now running the healthcare.gov website has a long history with President Barack Obama, leasing space for his 2008 campaign headquarters and company associates making generous political contributions.

Accenture, an Ireland-based technology and consulting firm, now has until Thursday to answer questions from the House Energy and Commerce Committee about its communications with the Obama administration leading up to the $91 million non-competitive contract it was awarded to fix the website to sign people up for Obamacare insurance plans….



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