For November elections Democrats promise to go negative ‘early, late, and always’

Batchelor: Extreme Weakness
Brenda J. Elliott
The Real Barack Obama

John Batchelor writes on his blog:

Spoke with David Drucker, Roll Call, to learn that the Democratic leadership in the Senate openly describes its stratgy for the mid-term election as a version of going negative early, late, and always.

The Democratic campaign charge, according to Robert Menendez of New Jersey, is to paint the Republicans as extremists, outside he mainstream, unready, unworthy of mature leadership. Sharron Angle, extreme. Rand Paul, extreme. Carly Fiorina,unready. Marco Rubio, unworthy.

It sounds lame, however it is the unanimous choice of the Democrats just because they know that there is no positive metric to debate, and that the joblessness, housing collapse, flaccid market, world drift, are all losers. The record of the legislation, from stimulus to Cap and Trade, to Obamacare and FinReg, is not regarded as a positive. Even a weakness. And the BP/Gulf of Mexico oil spill made this the Lost Summer for the Democrats.

So, attack, attack. Get out your air raid helmet. Incoming.

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