George Soros Panics About Romney Win, Mother Jones Scrubs Story

Big Journalism
28 Sep 2012

On Thursday, Mother Jones reported that billionaire financier George Soros was “panicked” that Mitt Romney would win the election–and then scrubbed the story without explanation. Mother Jones–the left-wing outlet that published the incomplete “47 percent” video of Romney–was reporting on Soros’s reasons for donating $1 million to the Paul Begala / Bill Burton run Priorities USA Action PAC on Sep. 27.

Priorities USA Action is the same super PAC that ran the now-infamous “Soptic Ad” in which a man falsely linked Romney to his wife’s death from cancer years after Romney left Bain Capital to run the Olympics. Soros now joins legendary misogynist and religion-hater Bill Maher as major contributors to the pro-Obama PAC run by former Obama Deputy Press Secretary, Bill Burton.

You might find yourself asking “So? George Soros has given millions to all kinds of groups. What’s the big deal?” The donation is significant because Soros has always tried to play, at least in public, the role of the rich guy trying to “give back” by supporting “grassroots” movements–and not hack operations like Priorities USA, which are more focused on creating attack ads…

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