Get Stuffed! Thidwick Casts Off His Occupied Horns

The Conservative Commune

…We are not given to cheating, by and large. We are not given to lying, by and large. And we sure as hell aren’t, by and large, dumb lemmings bovine.

It is true that Wisonsin has had a long history of siding with the Democratic Party. But the party has moved so far away from the stances that made it attractive to hard-working Wisconsinites that day-by-day the allegience to that party rests mostly on who one’s grandfather and father and great-grandfather before them voted for. What I mean to say is that fewer and fewer are those who choose to cast their lots with the Democratic party out of anything but romance for the party as it used to be.

If Wisconsinites don’t translate well on the coasts, it’s just tough crap. We don’t care to. But if you really want to piss us off, get MSNBC and unionistas from outside the state to come drum up trouble in our State Capitol. Bash the crap out of a Governor who promised to do as he said he would do and followed through with his promises. Try to undo an election for no other reason than you lost that election…

…We don’t like that sh*t. I mean we really don’t like any of that sh*t…

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Update: “Who are these people? They’re not even from Wisconsin… and they’re calling it over?!”

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