Gowdy: Obama Overreach Could Result in Slashing of His Vacation Funds

Bridget Johnson
PJ Tatler
PJ Media

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said Monday that he’s thinking of a few thing Congress can do to counter President Obama’s executive overreach, including cutting off money for his vacations.

“Number one, my colleagues in the Senate have advise and consent, if they want to shut down the Senate over appropriations bills or ambassadorships or other things. The Constitution gives them the power of advise and consent. The Constitution gives us power over the purse,” Gowdy said on Fox. “So we have appropriation bills that are going to be coming to the House this spring. We ought to strip money away from this executive branch, because our framers gave us that exclusive right to do so. If one branch overreaches then maybe the other branch ought to stick up for itself.”…

…Gowdy said Obama continues to overreach because “because so far he has gotten away with it.”…


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The Daily Caller has video.



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