Hoft re FL solar power plant: A field of orange trees makes more sense

[CAJ note: in researching the price for consumers to install private solar power systems on their homes, we arrived at a cost averaging about $26,000.]

Obama Will Attend Opening of New Solar Panel Plant
That Will Power 3,000 Homes at a Cost of $50,000 Per Home
by Jim Hoft
GateWay Pundit
Friday, October 23, 2009

AP photo
Solar Power Plant

The state of Florida is completing the final touches on a solar panel plant that cost $150 million to build and will only power 3,000 homes.
Barack Obama will visit this solar-paneled cash dump next week.
The AP reported:

The Desoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center will power a small fraction of Florida Power & Light’s 4-million plus customer base; nevertheless, at 25 megawatts, it will generate nearly twice as much energy as the second-largest photovoltaic facility in the U.S.

The White House said President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the facility Tuesday, when it officially goes online and begins producing power for the electric grid…

…The Desoto facility and two other solar projects Florida Power & Light is spearheading will generate 110 megawatts of power, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3.5 million tons. Combined, that’s the equivalent of taking 25,000 cars off the road each year, according to figures cited by the company.

The investment isn’t cheap: The Desoto project cost $150 million to build and the power it supplies to some 3,000 homes and businesses will represent just a sliver of the 4 million-plus accounts served by the state’s largest electric utility.

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