Holdren: Snipping You Since 1969

Steven Goddard
Real Science

“. . . it cannot be emphasized enough that if the population control measures are not initiated immediately and effectively, all the technology man can bring to bear will not fend off the misery to come.’Therefore, confronted as we are with limited resources of time and money, we must consider carefully what fraction of our effort should be applied to the cure of the disease itself instead of to the temporary relief of the symptoms. We should ask, for example, how many vasectomies could be performed by a program funded with the 1.8 billion dollars required to build a single nuclear agro-industrial complex, and what the relative impact on the problem would be in both the short and long terms.”

Population and Panaceas A Technological Perspective Paul R. Ehrlich, John P. Holdren – BioScience, Vol. 19, No. 12 (Dec., 1969), pp. 1065-1071

h/t to Michael Potts via Marc Morano

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