I Like John Sununu More & More Each Day

Aaron Goldstein
The American Spectator

I have to confess that former New Hampshire Governor and later Chief of Staff for President George H.W. Bush has never been amongst my favorite Republicans…

…I have to say I am liking John Sununu more and more each day. He has been, by far, the most effective surrogate for Mitt Romney with his take no prisoners approach with liberal media figures like CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, Andrea Mitchell from the network formerly known as MSNBC as well as Juan Williams from Fox News.

This morning, during a conference call with reporters, Sununu addressed Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter’s remarks last week alleging Romney had committed a felony. Sununu said of President Obama, “If you introduce the word ‘felon’ into the political discourse, you open yourself up again to the discussion of the Chicago roots and the Chicago politcal-slash-felon environment that he came out of.” For good measure, Sununu also called President Obama’s Elizabeth Warren impersonation “the latest in a series of self-defining and frankly extremely dumb statements.” He then suggested that Obama “learn how to be an American.” Sununu was on a roll…

…now the Obama campaign is getting a taste of their own medicine and they don’t like it…

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Update: Obama Tosses Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter Under The Bus, Refuses To Back Up Her Claim Romney Committed A Felony…

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