I’m going to have to increase my Scotch budget…

George Moneo
Babalu blog

From Investors.com: via “Saudi Nukes: The Game Is On.”

If you think surprise upheavals of long-stable Islamic regimes are scary, how does a nuclearized Saudi Arabia courtesy of France grab you? The fallout from Iran’s nuclear program is arriving.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday announced a deal with France to collaborate on the research, development and handling of nuclear materials — for peaceful purposes only, of course.

Why would the world’s biggest oil exporter, the country with the most reserves on the globe, be investing in nuclear energy of all things? The Saudis’ official reason is that they wish to reduce their country’s consumption of oil and gas in the coming decades, good enviro-conscious players on the world stage that they are.

The truth, however, is that Saudi Arabia has been more than mildly interested in nuclear-weapons capability for a lot longer than most might realize.

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