In Heated Exchange, Israeli Minister Bennett Tells Sky News Editor: ‘We Are Fighting Your War’

Shiryn Ghermezian
The Algemeiner

In a tense exchange on Thursday with Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley, Israel’s Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said that the Jewish state is on the front lines of the wider international war against terror.

“We are fighting your war, make no mistake,” the minister insisted, adding that if Israel were to succumb to radical Islam, the UK would be targeted next.

Bennett also strongly objected to the recent use of the term “apartheid” with reference to Israel by British Parliament members.

“For you to sit in London and call us ‘apartheid,’ that’s unacceptable when we’re the only free state” in the region…”…

…Bennett concluded: “We are fighting the same war of the free world against this terrible axis. We would expect the world to help us rather than call us ‘apartheid’ or any other unacceptable names.”



The complete article, with video, is at The Algemeiner.



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