In RI a voter coalition forms to evaluate local candidates

from the RI Voter Coalition
Friday, October 9, 2009

CONTACT: Steve Wright
(401) 935-7600

Meet the Candidates Forum
October 16, 2009

West Greenwich, RI–Steven Wright, Coordinator of the Rhode Island Voter Coalition, announced today that his association of citizen activist groups would host a “Meet the Candidates” evening on Friday, October 16th, 2009. The event will be held in the Coventry Elk’s Lodge, 42 Nooseneck Hill Road, West Greenwich, RI. Festivities begin at 6:00 pm that evening.

The Rhode Island Voter Coalition is a bi-partisan alliance of groups within the state that channel the activist interests of their members toward improving both the state and federal governments. While making today’s announcement Mr. Wright said. “RIVC was organized in the wake of the recent Tea Party and 9-12 Movements to coordinate the efforts of newly energized voter groups with those of longer standing good government organizations.” He went on to list the Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, the Ocean State Policy Research Institute, We The People, Rhode Island Statewide Coalition, and a number of local Tea Party Coalitions as participants in this inaugural event of the 2010 political campaign.

The October meeting is intended as a forum wherein interested voter groups can vet the candidates who are campaigning for a wide array of offices in next year’s bi-election.

Candidates were invited regardless of their party affiliations or their status as either incumbents or challengers. “We are a non-partisan group of citizens who have determined that our government and our political parties no longer represent us and we want a say in which candidates will be on the ballot in the primaries and in November 2010.” Wright asserted. The object is to get started as early as possible so that voters have as many chances as possible to see and hear the candidates from whom they’ll have to choose.

The forum being announced today will be moderated by members of the Rhode Island Voter Coalition. During the formal portion of the event a panel of candidates will be asked questions on a series of preselected topics. Each candidate will be given a fixed amount of time to answer. The Moderator will then ask two randomly selected voters from the audience to pose follow-up questions on the same topic.

Several candidates from all sides of the aisle have been invited to speak. Incumbent Democrats James Langevin and Patrick Kennedy have been notified of the opportunity, as has state senator, Leonitas Raptakis. Efforts are still underway to make contact with Ken Block and his newly formed Moderate Party. Republican state rep’s Joe Trillo and John Loughlin have been invited, as has announced GOP candidate for Congress from the 2nd CD, Mark Zaccaria.

“I am thrilled to be able to participate in a true grass roots event like this one.” Zaccaria said. “This opportunity to speak to uncommitted voters is a chance to broaden my base of support. I’ll arrive there early and I’ll be eager for the interaction that follows.”

In fact all attendees are urged to get there early as there are indications that 203 seat capacity of the hall may become a limiting factor on participation. “We have a number of additional events planned for locations around the state.” Wright went on to say. “As this movement takes root and grows we will be looking for larger and larger venues. It’s a good problem to have.”

For details contact Steven Wright by telephone at 401.935.7600,
or E-Mail the Rhode Island Voter Coalition at

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