Inconvenient truths emerge about Obama’s ‘Mitt Romney killed Joe Soptic’s wife’ ad

Wait a Minute: Joe Soptic’s Wife Wasn’t Even Diagnosed With Cancer Until 2006?

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Romney left Bain in 1999.

GST was shut down in 2001.

Soptic’s wife had her own health insurance through 2003.

Now, in 2006, she was diagnosed — diagnosed! — with very late-stage cancer.

She died 22 days after diagnosis.

Is the argument made that Romney owed this guy another seven years worth of insurance coverage?

And what good would it even have done? She wasn’t even diagnosed until just over three weeks before she would die.


I have to point this out because until now I’d been assuming she was suffering with cancer for years.

I knew this ad was preposterous, but this is just too much.

I’m sorry, I’m very late on this one. I knew the story was bullshit, but I thought there must be some shred of truth to it.

I agree with the guy I linked — I have gone from thinking Soptic is a nice guy who’s just a little bit dim, to thinking he’s just a union thug recruited to make up a sob story…

The article continues at Ace of Spades HQ

But wait! There’s more!

OMG!… Joe Soptic, the Anti-Romney Cancer Ad Steelworker, Admits Bain Capital Offered Him a Buyout (Video)

…Joe Septic, the anti-Romney cancer ad steelworker, admitted in a recent interview that Bain Capital offered him a buyout before the plant closed in 2001…

…Soptic chose not to insure wife at post-GST job.

But, it’s Romney’s fault his wife died…

Also, Wow even Morning Joe is all over Romney Killer BS: Update Death Squads Really?

…What is it going to be tomorrow? Romney is actually Hitler’s Bastard Son from his secret Sperm bank? The book of Mormon is really an alien cookbook? In October will we see the Huffington Post exclusive that Mitt Romney is the actual Anti-Christ conceived at a satanic orgy in a pentagram shaped chamber hidden deep below the main Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City?

And people are actually afraid of losing to these guys?…

Update: Deli Owner to Obama: Take My Storefront Out of Your Ad

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