Israel on dangerous path: Obama

US President Barack Obama has warned Israel that its policy of ignoring US pleas and continuing to expand housing in sensitive areas of Jerusalem could end up being “very dangerous”.

Brad Norington and John Lyons
The Australian
November 20, 2009

Israel yesterday rejected the condemnation of the Obama administration and other world leaders and proceeded to demolish two Palestinian homes — bringing to seven the number of Palestinian homes demolished this week in east Jerusalem.

Mr Obama, in his strongest condemnation yet, warned that the development of 900 new houses in the disputed Jerusalem suburb of Gilo could “embitter Palestinians”. He said it made it difficult to resume any peace talks.

Two days ago, the White House said it was “dismayed” Israel was proceeding with the Gilo expansion.

The announcement of the new project had come the day after the US had specifically asked Israel not to proceed with the project.

The White House had also expressed concern about the demolition of Palestinian homes, but yesterday Israeli authorities demolished another two Palestinian houses.

The White House statement also objected to “other Israeli practices in Jerusalem related to housing, including the continuing pattern of evictions and demolitions of Palestinian homes”.

Israeli authorities said the Palestinian buildings it demolished yesterday had been illegally built.

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