Jackson to CNN’s O’Brien: ‘You Don’t Count’ as Black


Soledad learned the hard way, race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton decide who does and doesn’t count…

(Newsbusters)- CNN personality Soledad O’Brien revealed in her new book that liberal activist Jesse Jackson put her down for her skin color during a private meeting in 2007. During the meeting, Jackson complained to O’Brien, whose mother is a black woman from Cuba, that there weren’t any black anchors on CNN. When she pointed out that she was the anchor of American Morning, the activist replied, “You don’t count.”

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John Stossel asks, Is Jesse Jackson King?

People keep using the term “African-American.” Why? What’s wrong with the word “black?”

Nothing, at least until the late 1980’s when Jesse Jackson said that people should use the term African-American instead. “Black tells you about skin color and what side of town you live on, he said. “African American evokes discussion of the world.”

Ok, he’s entitled to his opinion, but he isn’t our king…

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