Joan Rivers 1933-2014

Phelim Mcaleer

I met Joan Rivers once – just before the 2008 election – we talked after watching the play about her life in LA.

She said she had just spent the day with Melissa, her daughter, at the Reagan Museum and they were very moved and she said she was feared that “that was it” – that there would never be another great president.

Joan Rivers received enormous abuse throughout her comic career. She gave abuse too.

She never said she was offended, never demanded an apology and she never gave one herself. She was a comedian, she knew that was the business she was in. She was a great, great comedian who has gone too soon.

I blame Betty White.



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CAJ note: This photo of Ms. Rivers is not the one used by Mcaleer in his Facebook message, but is from Fox News’ Facebook page 9/3/2014. It’s a terribly glamorous photo of the comedienne, which is how she wanted to be remembered.  RIP.



Update:   A tribute from Don Surber, A broad died.  “No man is ever going to put his hand up your dress looking for a library card.”




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