Kerry Says House Will Have to Accept Senate Health Compromises

by Senatus
December 24, 2009

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) said today that “House members will probably have to accept a compromise bill that reflects the Senate’s work,” POLITICO reports.

“I think just by nature of their going first, and our working through the problems that arise out of that – and obviously the complications of working through Senate rules and that process poses a look at the Senate bill as a greater compromise,” said Kerry, a liberal member of the Finance Committee. “So if you want to keep this together so you can [pass] it in the end, so you have to hew relatively – relatively close to it. Does that mean there can’t be changes? No, I can envision some changes that will have impact. … There are ways to do things that meet some of the needs in the House and meet our needs and holds the integrity of this process together.”

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