Komen for the Cure Web Site Hacked by Pro-Abortion Activists

Steven Ertelt

Following its decision by Komen for the Cure to withdraw funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business, the breast cancer organization has been deluged by pro-abortion criticism led by the abortion business itself.

Pro-abortion activists have flooded its email account and Facebook and Twitter accounts with hate mail, but one pro-abortion zealot unhappy the organization is renewing its focus on protecting and helping women hacked its web site and changed a message on its front page.

According to the pop culture web site Mediate:

Last night, people attempting to reach the foundation’s site began noticing that a graphic on the front page had changed its message. Where it used to say such inspirational slogans as “Help us get 26.2 or 13.1 miles closer to a world without breast cancer,” the graphic now read “Help us run over poor women on our way to the bank.”

This morning, Gather figured out how the hackers did it. They redirected users to the address “ww5.komen.org” instead of the normal “www.komen.org.” Even large search engines sent users in the wrong direction and, aside from the message, the websites were identical.

Gawker provides more information on what it found…

The article continues at LifeNews.com

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A defining moment in Mitt Romney’s post-pro-life-conversion political career came in his third year as governor of Massachusetts, when he decided Catholic hospitals would be required under his interpretation of a new state law to give rape victims a drug that can induce abortions.

Romney announced this decision — saying it was the “right thing for hospitals” to do — just two days after he had taken the opposite position…

Also, Pelosi: Girl Scouts’ Partnership with Planned Parenthood ‘Very Valuable’

At a reception celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Girl Scouts of America, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was confronted by a reporter who asked if the organization’s relationship with Planned Parenthood was “valuable.” Pelosi told the reporter that the Girl Scouts partner with many groups and “yes,” those were meaningful relationships.

Update: Boehner rips Obama birth-control mandate as unconstitutional

House Speaker John Boehner blasted new White House rules requiring some religious organizations to provide insurance coverage for birth control as unconstitutional.

“I think this mandate violates our Constitution,” Boehner said at a news conference Thursday. “I think it violates the rights of these religious organizations, and I would hope the administration would back up and take another look.”

Using authority under the healthcare reform law, the Health and Human Services Department said last month that insurance policies must cover contraception without charging a copay…

Update 2: After cutting ties with Planned Parenthood, Komen donations up 100 percent

In the wake of this week’s announcement that Susan G. Komen for the Cure will no longer be awarding grants to Planned Parenthood, the breast cancer organization’s donations have gone up 100 percent in the last two days.

On a Thursday conference call Nancy Brinker, the founder and CEO of the Komen Foundation, told reporters that the organization is “singularly focused” on combating breast cancer, and that the politics of the decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood has been distracting from their mission.

Nevertheless, since cutting ties, Brinker announced that Komen’s donations have gone up in the last two days — by 100 percent.

“Our donations are up 100 percent in the past two days. With all of the emotion around these issues — which we understand, we get emotional too, we do this every single day of our lives,” Brinker said, explaining that they do not make decisions to be popular, they make them to fight cancer…

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