Leaked: Pelosi’s planned response to Tuesday’s Tea Party rally at the nation’s Capitol

By Robert Stacy McCain
The American Spectator

Tea Party activists are planning a major rally Tuesday on Capitol Hill, with protesters planning to visit their Congress members’ offices to ask them to vote against the health-care bill. Blogger Adam Brickley obtained an e-mail from a staffer in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, telling Democrats how to deal with the protesters:

As many of you have read, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 16, 2010, tens of thousands of conservative and Tea Party activists will be on the Hill as part of what they are dubbing a “Surge Against Obamacare.” . . .

Many of the conservative activists are not opposing the actual provisions in the bill, but are instead reacting to a caricature of the reform bill presented by right-wing media outlets . . .

(Like the American Spectator?)

Also, don’t assume common myths about this bill have been debunked. Be prepared to explain that there are no death panels, that Medicare is in fact strengthened, and that reform is not a government take-over, but it is an attempt to crack down on the abusive practices of health insurance companies by providing oversight and increasing competition. . . .

Read the whole thing. And if you’re reading this particular “right-wing media outlet,” then you’ll certainly be in front of the Cannon House Office Building at the corner of Independence and New Jersey Avenue S.E. at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

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