MA Judge Postpones Gloria Allred's 'October Surprise'

Judge to Allred: We Don’t Deny Due Process on Political Grounds

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Today has been nothing short of an absolute embarrassment for Obama donor and Attorney Gloria Allred.

First, Allred’s much ballyhooed “October Surprise” was revealed to be an absolute dud. Her claim is that Mitt Romney was responsible for the very wealthy ex-wife of Staples founder, Tom Stemberg, not getting even more money in the couple’s divorce settlement reached in the early 90s.

Stated differently, Mitt Romney prevented the rich, 1%er Corporate ex-Wife from getting richer. On this alone, Romney should be an OWS folk hero.

Viewed through a political lens, I do not think the working wives of unemployed miners in Ohio will have much sympathy for the petty complaints of a woman who is worth millions, while they toil away just trying to make ends meet.

But, here’s the kicker. During the hearing, Allred had the temerity ask the Judge to make an expedited decision because “there is an election coming up.” The MA Judge rounded sharply on Allred, scolding her and stating that she, the Judge, would not deny a party due process because of an election. Allred was deflated, and the Judge granted an adjournment.

Clearly, Allred is just playing politics again, as the Obama campaign becomes more and more desperate, but this latest episode again raises important issues about Allred herself. In particular, this question lingers: how does Allred just happen to always have the right clients at the right political time? This is relevant because, if Allred – directly or via third-parties – is actively soliciting these people, then her actions are in clear violation of California Rules of Conduct 1-400.

Paging the California Bar…

Related Gloria Allred: Violating California Rules of Professional Conduct? Perhaps.

Gloria Allred’s solicitation practices would violate Rule 1-400(C) if she is actively soliciting clients “with whom [Allred] or [her] law firm has no family or prior professional relationship.”…

At Big Government, Anti-Mormon Bigot Behind Obama/Allred ‘October Surprise’

…So what you basically have here is an obvious religious bigot on a two-decade personal assassination spree to enrich herself with both money and fame; and now, through Gloria Allred and the Boston Globe, she’s aligned herself directly with a Chicago Machine that specializes in unsealing divorce cases to take out opponents for Barack Obama.

Welcome to Alisnky 101.

Obama Met with Gloria Allred Before ‘October Surprise’…

This afternoon in the Boston Herald, Judge postpones decision on Romney records in pal’s divorce case

…Romney was represented this morning by attorney Robert Jones, who did not object to an open courtroom, and later said he wants to end the speculation as soon as possible.

“We’re in a bit of a spin cycle. The longer this goes on the more speculation there will be,” Jones said. “From the governor’s standpoint, the sooner we get out of this the better.”

The appeal is set to be before the judge again tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Update: Hah! Trump Rips Gloria Allred: “She’s a Terrible Lawyer- Anything She Says I’d Take With a Grain of Salt” (Video)

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