McCain: We need to intervene in Syria’s civil war to save Obama’s shambolic foreign policy. American people disagree.

McCain: Rejection of Syria war resolution would be ‘catastrophic’

David R. Sands
The Washington Times

Emerging from a private briefing with President Obama at the White House on Monday, Sen. John McCain warned it would be “catastrophic” if Congress rejected a resolution authorizing Mr. Obama to take military action against Syria over its suspected use of chemical weapons.

Mr. McCain, of Arizona, and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, two of the leading Republican voices in the Senate on defense matters, met with Mr. Obama as part of a series of briefings with top lawmakers of both parties ahead of expected votes on possible military action against Syria next week.

“A vote against that resolution would be catastrophic,” Mr. McCain said. “It would undermine the credibility of the United States and of the president.”

Both men said the president was eyeing a plan to “degrade” the military capacity of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad while “upgrading” the capacity of democratic, pro-U.S. elements in rebel forces that have been battling Mr. Assad for two years.*…


The article continues, with video, at The Washington Times.


*Meaning al Qaeda and other Islamic forces?!


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“Just send John McCain and Lindsey Graham to Syria. That’ll devastate the country enough.” by Campaign for Liberty.


McRINO: Failing To Bomb Assad On Behalf Of Al-Qaeda Would Be “Catastrophic”…   Catastrophic for who? — Ayman al-Zawahiri?


BBC: Syria chemical attacks: What we know

…On 2 September the French government released a declassified summary of its intelligence on the attack, as well as assessments of video footage.

It concluded that there had been a “massive use of chemical agents” against civilian populations, that “the launch zone for the [delivery] rockets was held by the regime while the strike zone was held by the rebels”, and that only the Syrian government had the stock of chemical weapons and the means of delivering them.

“We believe the Syrian opposition does not have the capacity to carry out an operation of such magnitude with chemical agents,” the report said…


Unless, of course, the opposition have received arms from the U.S. by way of Libya and Turkey…


Flashback: Chemical Weapons In Syria Include WMDs Shipped From Iraq

…As the regime of Bashar Assad disintegrates, the security of his chemical arsenal is in jeopardy. The No. 2 general in Saddam Hussein’s air force says they were the WMDs we didn’t find in Iraq.

King Abdullah of neighboring Jordan warned that a disintegrating Syria on the verge of civil war puts Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons at risk of falling into the hands of al-Qaida.

“One of the worst-case scenarios as we are obviously trying to look for a political solution would be if some of those chemical stockpiles were to fall into unfriendly hands,” he said.

The irony here is that the chemical weapons stockpile of Syrian thug Assad may in large part be the legacy of weapons moved from Hussein’s Iraq into Syria before Operation Iraqi Freedom…


And the people at Natural News have this angle: Bombshell: Syria’s ‘chemical weapons’ turn out to be sodium fluoride used in the U.S. water supply and sold at Wal-Mart


Who knows?

CAJ note: We think Senator McCain would be of tremendous service to his nation and his home state if he worried a bit more about security our southern border and less about backing radical jihadis in the Middle East. Or, hey, how about getting to the bottom of that Benghazi thing and why our ambassador was wandering around Libya unarmed and was left to die like a rat?

Whatever your position, we urge readers to contact their representatives before Congress reconvenes and takes up the issue on 9 September.



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