Meanwhile, back in Chicago

by Joyce Capron
American Thinker
October 28, 2009

Obama’s hometown newspaper, The Chicago Tribune, today recommends GOP ideas on healthcare: tort reform, allowing sales across state lines, and extending healthcare-related tax benefits to individuals.

The potential for cost savings seems to be what motivated the paper, which endorsed Obama for President in 2008, to recommend Dems consider new ideas from across the aisle. The editorial notes,

“Limiting certain kinds of damage awards would reduce spending on health care by about $11 billion in 2009…Think about that in human terms: Reform would save milliions of patients the expense and trauma of unnecessary tests and procedures.”

Dems love to call the GOP ‘the party of no’, but the term is unwarranted. GOP legislators have come up with not one but six separate pieces of healthcare legislation, all currently stalled in committees controlled by Dems. The Tribune urges the GOP to develop a coordinated bill and introduce it on the same day the Dems bring their massive bill to the floor.

They’ve finally gotten the message.

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