Million drivers face losing license under EU diabetes directive

Jenny Hope
Daily Mail [UK]
22nd August 2011

Up to one million people with diabetes could lose their driving licences because of harsh new European rules classifying them as unfit to drive.

Experts claim the ‘unnecessarily strict’ changes will affect hundreds of thousands who have been driving for decades without problems.

They say the rules amount to a blanket ban on diabetics taking insulin who occasionally have ‘hypos’ – episodes of hypoglycaemia, or low blood sugar, which may cause blackouts if not countered with a sugary snack.

Under a new definition of the rules to meet an EU directive, a diabetic who has two hypos in a year – even while in bed – will end up banned from driving.

The charity Diabetes UK has protested to the Department for Transport about the changes, due to take effect in October…

The article continues at the Daily Mail.

H/T KnowTheLies who fears this driving ban for diabetics is yet another part of “the Agenda 21 megatropolis plan” and will soon become law America, too.

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