Mitt Romney’s State House counter-rally shows campaign’s nimbleness to date

Glen Johnson
The Boston Globe

Polls already show that President Obama is destined to win Massachusetts handily this fall, but Mitt Romney’s team showed Thursday that it won’t allow insult on top of that political injury.

When word leaked Wednesday afternoon that senior Obama strategist David Axelrod was coming to the State House on Thursday morning to criticize Romney’s record as governor, Romney’s team quickly mobilized.

There would be no such rally such as that George H.W. Bush staged with Boston police officers when he was running for president in 1988 against then-Governor Michael S. Dukakis, and no such uncontested photo-op of Bush peering into the waters of a then-polluted Boston Harbor.

The Romney campaign organized a counter-rally 90 minutes before Axelrod was to appear, then had an energetic and boisterous group of its campaign interns hang around until the Obama event began.

They ended up drowning out Axelrod, muting his criticism of Romney, and showing in the process the kind of pluck normally reserved for the Occupy Wall Street crowd…

…To top it off, the Romney team brought in a bubble-making machine to lend a festive air to their mischief. Not to be denied, they commandeered an external outlet on an NBC News satellite truck to supply the electricity.

In the long arc of a campaign, the event is likely insignificant. But it is somewhat emblematic of the Romney campaign’s dexterity since clinching the Republican presidential nomination…

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