Net Neutrality Supporters Admit, They Want Property Rights Eliminated

Warner Todd Huston
Emerging Corruption

Oh, Net Neutrality sure sounds like a great idea. Why, Net Neutrality supporters only want what’s best for “the people,” right? They only want the Internet to be a playground for all, free of the influence of evil corporations, and they want fees to be reasonable for the lowly masses, right? Turns out, not so much. Fair pricing and open access is the least of what Net Neutrality supporters really care about.

The latest wrinkle in the saga of Net Neutrality pretty much proves that Net Neutrality supporters really don’t care much about a free and open Internet as formulated in most people’s minds, nor do they care if corporations offer the Internet in a “fair” manner. No, what Net Neutrality supporters want is the end of ownership of intellectual property. What they really think is that anything that appears on the Internet should be wholly free of any capitalist ends whatever. That includes anything you create, by the way. They aren’t just against those evil corporations. They are against anyone making money on the Internet. That means you too.

Net Neutrality pushers don’t care who creates what. They don’t care if inventors and artists create something that they might want to make a living , they don’t care if it is even possible to make money from your own intellectual property, your own programming, your own YouTubeesque video work, your own art, music, or computer coding. They want your hard work to be free to everyone and they want to make sure you cannot earn even single a red cent from your own efforts.

This is a most un-American idea.

I say this because now we can easily see the until now barely hidden truth with the latest cause célèbre of Net Neutrality supporters. Unsurprisingly it concerns Fox News.

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