Obama 2012 E-Mail Proves Iraq Withdrawal Was Political, Not Strategic

Marooned in Marin

Yesterday, I had the feeling that Richard Milhous Obama’s announced withdrawal of our troops from Iraq was purely political, timed for the 2012 election as a way of rallying his far-Left, anti-military, Code Pinko base.

This e-mail from Obama’s campaign today proves it…

…Notice that the word “victory” is missing. Because with Obama and the Democrats, the only victory they cared about was a political one, not one for the peace of the world and a better life for the Middle East. So no wonder this e-mail is all about Obama, and not the sacrifices our military have made, that Obama wants to use for political fodder…

…And you liberals, don’t come here and tell me “Weeeeell, he got bin Laden!” No, those brave Navy Seals killed that bastard, not the golfer-in-chief…

Everything is looked at in a political prism for Obama, and what helps him is more important than what is best for our nation.

The complete article, with video, is at Marooned in Marin.

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