Obama Daughters’ School Features Japanese-Inspired Lunch Menu on Pearl Harbor Day


WASHINGTON – The elite Washington, D.C., school where President Barack Obama’s daughters are students is offering a surprising lunch menu on Pearl Harbor Day.

The Washington Post revealed the lunch menu at the Sidwell Friends private school for Dec. 7 — the date Japan attacked US forces at Pearl Harbor in 1941 — includes teriyaki chicken and edamame alongside tofu and “oriental noodle salad.”

The menu is printed on a school calendar, which notes that Wednesday is Pearl Harbor Day.

A representative for Sidwell Friends told the Washington Post that the timing of the Asian-themed menu was “completely coincidental.”

Ellis Turner, associate head of the school, said a contractor who prepares the school’s lunches selected an Asian spread for Dec. 7 without regard to the date, while another contractor who prints the school calendar noted the date as Pearl Harbor Day.

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