Obama Remembers Neil Armstrong with a Big Picture of… Himself


When I heard Neil Armstrong had passed away, it took me a while to hit me fully. I saw people send messages of remembrance and commemoration, and decided I should do my own, to show how much respect I have for a real American hero:

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It is nearly literally the least I could do for someone that symbolized American greatness so thoroughly, and in so many aspects.

You know what I didn’t think to do? I didn’t think to post a picture of myself to remember Neil Armstrong. Never got into my mind that this was a good way to remember his greatness.

But then, I’m not president mompants…

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H/T Jim Treacher

Update: The July 16, 1969 Launch: A Symbol of Man’s Greatness, by Ayn Rand

Update 2: To Honor Neil Armstrong, Obama Posts Photo of Himself

The thing that most bothers me about Barack Obama is his unearned narcissism. His smugness and arrogance are beyond the ability of science to measure. I don’t mind someone being a bit cocky or even arrogant, IF they have the accomplishments and achievements to back up the attitude.

Obama’s greatest achievement, though, is creating his own personal narrative. He is his own personal touchstone. Even when honoring a great American hero, Obama can’t help but thrust himself into the event…

…Neil Armstrong did the heavy lifting. Even a tribute to his death is just another photo-op for Obama.

Read the whole thing at Big Government.

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