Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?

Operational News For Friday, October 2nd

92 Events and Growing – Lots of information to digest this weekend!


On October 17th, 2009 thousands of citizens will rally in cities across the nation on the doorsteps of “Main Stream Media” outlets protesting media bias and complicity in advancing a political agenda. To date, almost 100 events are scheduled simultaneously to occur, with more being added daily.

Intelligent, clear-minded, patriotic citizens from all walks of life will converge on this day to protest widespread media bias as practiced by “news organizations” across the USA.

“Operation Can You Hear Us Now? – March on Media” is an event designed to take the message of the people to the press. Recent events of national importance have taken place and received NO PRESS in the current Main Stream Media environment (9/12 March on DC, ACORN Scandal, Avowed Communist working in White House, etc). These and other “travesties” are the impetus for this one day event.

“Operation Can You Hear Us Now? – March on Media” is a grassroots movement in which citizens are organizing independently in their own communities and at their own discretion. Many Tea Party Groups, 9/12 Groups, and citizen action groups have joined together to make this event a success. People are using Facebook, Twitter, Craig’s List, their existing groups, and even starting new groups to connect and make a statement to media organizations in their community. This is a message that has resonated with thousands upon thousands around the United States.

It is the opinion of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people that the Main Stream Media has become just another mouthpiece of “Big Government”.

We submit that the Main Stream Media is “guilty” of the following misconduct:

Journalistic Malpractice
Yellow Journalism
Extreme Bias
Unfair and Unbalanced Reporting
Reporting That Reflects a Political Agenda
Complicity, Cover-up and Deceit
Partnering with Big Government
Reporting of Self-Commissioned polls as “News”
Willful Misrepresentation of Facts
Loss of all Objectivity

Citizens across the nation are encouraged to participate by joining in this media protest. For up-to-the-minute information please visit the website www.operationcanyouhearusnow.com or your local city coordinator.

To contact the organizer of Operation Can You Hear Us Now? please go to the website and use the contact form or email webmaster@operationcanyouhearusnow.com


Much more information at the group’s website.

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