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When we began the Common American Journal blog, we did so with the hope of preserving our friendships.

For at least a year or two we found ourselves sending dozens of emails every day to our friends across the country and around the world. These were messages of news they may not have read from resources outside the main stream media which, in our opinion, has been failing to do its job for a number of years, and which has become state-run media since January 2009. This correspondence understandably became overwhelming for the recipients, and yet it was news that was–and remains–crucial to anyone wishing to be informed and engaged citizens of this great nation.

Eventually the idea came about that a weblog serving as a news aggregate might be a more reasonable method of communicating with them. We certainly never imagined that anyone beyond our small circle of family and friends would ever locate us in the vastness of cyberspace, much less actually become our daily readers! We are so very grateful to each and every person who visits these pages!

Imagine our surprise, then, when readers began contacting CAJ’s webmaster. A few are people we’ve met, but most are not. Nearly all share our deep frustration and fears over what is happening to America. Many just wanted to be heard and to send messages of their support for our little project.

At this time we haven’t yet decided the long-term direction for Common American Journal. We hadn’t even considered there might be a “bigger picture” for this blog, frankly. At the moment it’s definitely just a labor of love…there’s no financial support, no stable of investigative writers or contributors. It’s just a couple of us who have access to information not normally seen by the average person busily going about their day.

Two readers recently expressed an interest to publish material here. We wanted to give voice to their concerns without having to be responsible for their content, which is one reason why we have our “comments” option switched off. In the days to come, this administration’s “czars” plan to make bloggers personally responsible and liable for comments left by readers. Not being “lawyered-up” ourselves, we decided to avoid that entanglement for now, and so have declined that option. But we definitely encourage you to contact the webmaster privately if you’d like and he will forward your message to us. We read everything–occasionally personal emails lead us to some very good information that has found its way into this blog. And your feed-back is invaluable.

So, to accommodate these two readers of CAJ, we wanted to post links to their material. In the column to the right marked “Links” you will find American Eagle Squadron Rapid Response Force. Readers of a certain age will smile because the blog name harkens back to the mid-1960s cartoon hero and patriot, Roger Ramjet. We hope you will visit that site often.

Another reader asked us to post this impassioned An Open Letter to the United States Congress which you can read by following the highlighted link. We know this writer to be an intelligent and thoughtful patriot who is justifiably furious about the callous disregard our leaders display for the American people and for our Constitution. Their letter reminds us of Glenn Beck’s own plea for the 56 Refounders in Washington to stand up for us and help Americans reclaim our nation.

We hope you will visit both of these readers’ pages. They deserve a few moments of your time.

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