President Chauncey Gardiner, The Press and The Collapse

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Most journalists have figured out by now that the public isn’t outraged at Mitt Romney, but that there is growing dismay with a president asleep at the switch on the anniversary of 9/11 and who marked the day the news broke of the assassination of four American diplomats with a trip to Vegas for campaigning and fundraising.  The president’s chest thumping on foreign policy is classic insecurity manifesting itself in an empty boastfulness made not so much offensive as dismaying by the back drop of growing chaos across the Middle East.  This incompetent amateur may belive in his heart that he is master of all he surveys, but the overwhelming evidence of the fact that he is in far over his head grows to mountain-sized enormity.  The Guns of August seem to be replaying themselves in Septemebr and October of 2012 but the president is on autopilot and the Manhattan-Beltway Media Elite have agreed that it is inappropriate to raise a voice against this drift. Geoffrey Dawson lives!

Only Obama’s MSM fan-club doesn’t see the connection between the growing chaos and the president’s cluelessness, though if pressed as to what they expected when early on their favoritist president ever got the Nobel Prize and traveled to Cairo for speechifying that would bring the Arab world to a quick and orderly move to democracy and full rights for women and religious minorities with Iranian disarmament thrown in, they might admit that a second term would be useful to the accomplishment of these goals.  The horrified masses outside of the Manhattan-Beltway media bubble wonder what in the world the world would look like with four more years of Chance the Gardener as POTUS, but MSM is untroubled.

Their job is to oganize the assualt on Romney, as CBS’ Jan Crawford (heir to Mary Mapes?) did so wonderfully well on tape before yesterday’s statement by Mitt Romney.  The Borg of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite had decided on a narrative and organized for its development and transmission.  Oops.  The curtain was up.

Key takeaway: The press didn’t care what Romney had to say…

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The Insane MSM Questions Romney Faced at Presser

So if a presidential candidate gives remarks about a foreign-policy crisis, you’d be forgiven for thinking that in the Q&A held immediately afterward, reporters would ask him about . . . foreign policy. But when Mitt Romney took questions today after talking about the situation in Libya and Egypt, the dominant theme of the questions was all about process and politics. Here are the seven questions asked…

…today’s press conference was really an example of how the media sometimes just doesn’t deserve that access…

NewsBusters Outs CBS, NPR Reporters


The names are CBS reporter Jan Crawford.

And NPR reporter Ari Shapiro.

These are the names of the reporters now caught on audio coordinating their questions on the Middle East to Governor Romney. The audio scoop was uncovered exclusively by the aptly named RightScoop.

Then Newsbusters followed through (here), identifying two of the reporters as CBS reporter Jan Crawford and NPR’s Ari Shapiro.

Shapiro had earlier been identified by Newsbusters (here) because:

“As a reporter I’m torn about joining in the pledge of allegiance/national anthem at rallies. I’m a rally observer, not a participant.”

Hint: Shapiro sits during these moments…

…They are participants. Partisans.

The goal is not to report the news. The goal is to shape the liberal narrative…

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See, the really important news is Sandra Fluke’s sex life and organs. Dennis Miller puts words to what we’ve all been thinking, via  (transcript here):

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