Rand Paul Thinks Even Silicon Valley Has Had Enough of Obama and ‘Big Government Regulations and Taxes’

Elizabeth Kreft
The Blaze

…Rand Paul, widely presumed to be gearing up for the 2016 presidential race, held two days’ worth of private meetings and public stumps in San Francisco — not traditionally conservative-friendly territory — to discuss privacy concerns, innovation and government involvement in business.

These are the topics, the Kentucky senator told TheBlaze, that could create a few bridges between some members of sparring political parties.

“Most of the people I meet out here say … ‘the government has gone too far, we need to protect the Fourth Amendment, a warrant should have a person’s name on it, it shouldn’t be non-specific or cover millions of people,” he said.

“I think after eight years of President Obama they’re also frustrated that the big government regulations and taxes hasn’t necessarily been good for Silicon Valley,” Paul said.

The central event in Paul’s weekend was a keynote speech at the Lincoln Labs conference, a primarily conservative-backed technology summit.  He said a multiplying breed of constituents dubbed “conservatarians” — found in pockets of the country like Silicon Valley and at similar tech conferences around the country — will likely have a big impact on the way partisan politics take shape over the coming years…



The complete article, with video,  is at The Blaze.



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