Relatives of Lockerbie victims begin new legal fight for public inquiry

Relatives of those who died in the Lockerbie bombing are launching a new legal bid to force the Government to hold a public inquiry.

By David Barrett and Robert Mendick
Telegraph [UK]
02 Jan 2010

UK Families Flight 103, the relatives’ campaign group, will use human rights laws in a bid to uncover the truth about the terrorist attack, which claimed 270 lives in December 1988.

The group has hired Gareth Peirce, the prominent human rights solicitor better known for her work representing terror suspects, to devise a legal strategy to secure the inquiry for which families have long campaigned.

It is the first time the families have formally hired lawyers to pursue an inquiry.

The development comes after Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, rejected the group’s latest demands for an independent review of the bombing. He informed them of his decision in a letter, dated Christmas Eve, which was received by the relatives last week.

In the letter, Mr Brown said: “All of the matters which you have raised in support of the case for an inquiry are points which were raised at the original trial or the appeal in Scotland, and I do not see that it would be in the public interest to air them again at an inquiry.”

The families were spurred into renewed demands for an inquiry by the Scottish Government’s decision to release, on humanitarian grounds, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the only man convicted of the bombing.

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