Sarah Palin on the California Central Valley’s water issue


Sarah Palin spoke at South Valley College to a huge crowd and hit on the subject that is affecting many people in the Central Valley, the government imposed water drought. This drought has hindered many farmers and their businesses.

Palin understand how this is a huge issue. In Alaska, the people of the state want drilling and the use of their state’s natural resources, yet the government is imposing, getting in the way of doing so in ANWR.

More from FOX KMPH 26:

“I hope you don’t take it for granted what you have here in California. It seems like really beautiful pieces of a puzzle come together here in California where you have the man power the work ethic that’s here. You have the technology and you have the God-given natural resources here. So the only thing standing in the way is a government that doesn’t understand that they need to back off and allow you to do what you do best…

The article, with video, continues at Cubachi.

H/T Dan Riehl

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