Sen. Mike Lee: ‘Common Core standards will be the ObamaCare of education’

Victor Skinner

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Mike Lee and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal have a message for Big Government: stop meddling in local education decisions.

“As a U.S. Senator, I’ve seen the federal government make a mess of everything it touches,” Lee, a Republican from Utah, wrote in a recent email sent to supporters through the free market group FreedomWorks…

…For many critics like Lee, the fight against the national standards isn’t just about education, it’s about the future of the United States.

All American students “deserve the best education in the world. The only way we can make that happen is to repeal Common Core across America,” Lee wrote.

“They should be learning real American history, and why our sacred heritage makes this the greatest nation in the world,” he wrote. “Common Core does away with that. That’s why it must be stopped.”…



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