SkyNews: Gaddafi’s last stand

21 August 2011

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FRONT PAGE: Gaddafi’s last stand as rebels encircle the capital #skypapers

H/T Bret Baier on Twitter who also posted on his Twitter page a “tweet” by New York Times reporter Brian Stelter: RT @brianstelter Sky reporter in Tripoli: “We have just driven through here to the capital. Not a single checkpoint in sight. Not a single soldier in sight.”

Also on Twitter Andrew Malcolm from the LA Times “Top of the Ticket” reports:

@latimestot  POTUS Vacation UPDATE: Briefed on Libya war that was spsd take days not 22 weeks. Then the beach w/fam, And then more golf w/the guys.

Update: SkyTV online reports Gaddafi’s son has been captured.

Update 2: 8/22/2011, Not Captured After All: Gaddafi’s Son Spotted at Libyan Hotel, Says He ‘Broke Backbone of Rebels’ [with video]

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