Soros donates big bucks, joins 'Ready for Hillary' national finance council

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Billionaire investor and hedge fund titan George Soros is backing an effort to lure Hillary Clinton into a 2016 White House bid.

Soros signed on to be a co-chair for Ready for Hillary, a super PAC trying to trump up support for a presidential run by Clinton.

“We are proud to welcome George Soros as one of the co-chairs of @ReadyForHillary’s national finance council,” the organization tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Soros’ political director, Michael Vachon, said in a statement that the 83-year-old is “delighted to join more than 1 million Americans in supporting Ready for Hillary.”

“His support for Ready for Hillary is an extension of his long-held belief in the power of grassroots organizing,” the statement said…


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Update:    HILLARY HECKLED IN BUFFALO: “Benghazi!… You Let Them Die! 

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