Soros’s Next Target: Your State

Ed Lasky
American Thinker

George Soros — hedge fund billionaire, major funder of so-called 527 groups, early supporter of Barack Obama, and sugar daddy of the Democratic Party — is one of America’s most powerful political players. He had a bad November 2 when Republicans took control of the House. But he is not down for the count. He has already begun focusing on states as his next political playground — where he wants to be the biggest bully on the block.

George Soros has seen his game plan work quite well for years in Washington. He has created a phalanx of powerful think-tanks (The Center for American Progress — Obama’s Idea Factory, being just the best-known, but there are many more), he has politicians in his ample pockets, and the Democratic Party is beholden to him and his empire of activist groups — including MoveOn.Org.

He may have gone as far as he can in the short term in Washington; he admitted as much recently when he said he could not stop a Republican avalanche. However, as is true of every hedge fund maven, Soros is always on the lookout for opportunities that have escaped others, where he can use leverage to achieve big gains.

And many states are prime hunting grounds to bag big game — particularly if Republicans and Tea Partiers succeed in delegating to states more power to manage their own affairs.

How will Soros spread his tentacles?

We already have clues.

George Soros and a group of liberal billionaires and mere centimillionaires and Democratic operatives joined forces a few years ago to form the Democracy Alliance. Each member of this group pays a membership fee and annual dues and also commits to support individual candidates and groups that promote their liberal ideology.

But what George Soros and company have also done over the years is try to reengineer the democratic process to achieve their goals.

While they counsel their members to keep their actions under the radar screen, we do know of some steps they have taken to further their agenda of changing the nature of our democracy.

Secretary of States Project
One of their more prominent efforts was the Secretary of States Project that worked to elect friendly Secretaries of States in certain battleground states in 2006. They had remarkable success in claiming Secretary of State’s offices in eleven of thirteen critical states they had targeted…

…Fred Barnes wrote a very insightful column for the Weekly Standard (“The Colorado Model: The Democrats’ Plan for Turning Red States Blue”) which showed how a similar effort by a small core of wealthy liberals turned Colorado from a red state to a blue state. Scathing allegations were raised; the fire was fanned into a conflagration, and it burned a lot of Republicans at the state and federal level. Then the charges all but vanished. Mission accomplished. A superb book, The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care, also opens the pages of the playbook used by this cadre.

The plan was a success, and like many successful operations, it was cloned in other states. The franchise spread. At the apex of the operation was a group called the Fund For America, another 527 group funded by Soros and other Democracy Alliance members. This group seeded state level groups throughout America to replicate the type of operations that succeeded in Minnesota and Colorado.

One picture says it all — this one titled “Money and Influence Behind a Liberal Network”…

…Will a state-influenced by George Soros and his allies be able to take a firm stance toward illegal immigration, or will states become de facto sanctuaries for illegal aliens? After all, Soros basically believes that there should be no borders.

Will states continue to file lawsuits against ObamaCare and resist its imposition?

The list of his past agendas goes on and on.

The modus operandi of George Soros has been the same for decades, whether playing with money or with politics. Find opportunities that have escaped most people’s attention, exploit them, and gain wealth and power.

He has done it over and over, and he may very well be doing it in now in your very own state — except it is not just your state, but also a state that Soros seems to consider his to own.

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