“Step aside, Grandma. We want health care, and we want it now.”

On his television program last night, Glenn Beck read this breathtakingly cynical letter (below) during his excellent opening commentary on entitlements and liberal education. The letter was published in Time magazine on Monday, 19 October 2009, in response to an article the magazine ran about Beck.

At Common American Journal we value free speech and feel grateful that Ms. Marczak is exercising her right. We wonder, though, whether she has even for a moment considered that the elderly Americans she would push to the side in her drive for her share of government entitlements are the very people who fought and sacrificed for those rights, and whose labor and endeavors have contributed to the abundance that too many have come to take for granted.

Since hearing Beck read the letter last night we have also been wondering who was it forced Ms. Marczak to attend college at all, or to attend one that was so clearly priced above anything she could possibly afford to repay. We know the burden of repaying college loans and made our college choices according to our means. But that was a long time ago, evidently, and so much in America has changed since then.

Published under That’s Not Entertainment:

Deanna Frankowski, the Beck fan mentioned in your article, is “sick and tired of being ignored”? Give me a break! I had to wait through eight years of an Administration that brought this country to the brink. Frankowski should sit down quietly while the rest of us get to the task of cleaning up Bush’s mess. Besides, this health-care debate isn’t about those over 30; it’s about the millions of uninsured, recently graduated young people saddled with loans we can’t imagine paying off, who are sick and tired of living in an abyss created by our elders’ stupidity. Obama would be smart to focus on college towns. Step aside, Grandma. We want health care, and we want it now.

Agnieszka Marczak,
Lincoln, R.I., U.S.

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