Texas Sending National Guard to Border Is Good First Step, But a Long-Term Solution Still Needed

Steven Bucci
The Daily Signal

Gov. Rick Perry, R-Tex., will send around 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas border under his gubernatorial authorities to help the Texas Department of Public Safety deal with the illegal immigration crisis. Before anyone screams that this is unprecedented or the radical militarization of the border, be assured it is not.

In 2006–2008, all four of the southwest border states had contingents of National Guard troops deployed to augment Customs and Border Protection’s Border Patrol assets. This was done without “militarizing” the border, and it was done with great effect. It was called Operation Jump Start.

The troops came as volunteers from National Guard units from across America. Each state organized its assets a little differently but did so in complete cooperation with federal agencies. The units provided surveillance, did logistics, and relieved Border Patrol agents from administrative jobs. This freed up every available officer for real law enforcement duties.

The enforcement of America’s laws was materially enhanced. No soldiers arrested anyone. The troops reveled in a “good” mission that directly helped their country, the Border Patrol was able to do its job, and the flood of illegal activity (immigration and others) was driven down.

Governor Perry would do well to use Jump Start as a model. It worked…



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Luis Gutierrez to La Raza: Get Amnesty to ‘Punish’ Americans Against Illegal Immigration. (video)

…Gutierrez addressed the conference this weekend and also spoke on a panel. He said Obama assured him in a White House meeting last week with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that he would use executive actions to be a “generous and broad” as he can to “stop the deportation of people each and every day,” as Breitbart News reported.

Gutierrez has been one of the biggest proponents of a pathway to citizenship for all of the country’s illegal immigrants.


White House Official: Border Crisis “Will Provide Atmospherics” For Obama To Issue Immigration Executive Order Before Midterms…
Never let a crisis go to waste.


Harry Reid: Lives Of Illegal Immigrant Children In Danger Because Of Ted Cruz…

…Reid said a plan from Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) holds thousands of child immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala hostage in exchange for Obama deporting undocumented children already inside the United States…



US Government Turns Fully Against Americans and Few Seem to Care

Over last weekend, it finally got out–despite suppression from the White House and the media– that the Mexican drug cartels/human traffickers are now firing .50 caliber ammo at our USBP Agents. These are bullets that can reach their targets as much as a mile away.

This is an act of war. Yet, neither the Pretend POTUS and Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama nor any of his minions comment on it at all. Neither does Obama try to stop the thousands of illegals (largely gang members, drug cartels/human traffickers and Islamists…not children) that he has invited into the country as a foreign invasion force to replace US citizens and help him bring down the USA. Besides, he’s already decimated most of the US military, demanded the Border Patrol “stand down” and no longer attempt to stop anyone entering the USA while placing them on diaper and baby-sitting duties for the children coming in with their parents. What difference do some USBP deaths–or any additional US citizen deaths–mean to him? He does, after all, have a one-month vacation in August coming up…



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