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08 JULY 2009
State Orders Dr. John Muney to Stop Treating Patients for $79/month
by Dave C. Jones

Folsom, CA – 5 March 2009 @ 0951 PST – I was listening to Tom Sullivan yesterday and heard about Dr. John Muney of New York and his innovative method of servicing those who cannot afford health insurance. In a nutshell, he charges his patients $79 per month plus $10 per visit. In other words, for about $1,000 per year, his patients do not have to worry about routine illnesses or anything else that can be taken care of in Dr. Muney’s offices.

Who could possibly have a problem with that plan? Apparently, the New York state insurance regulators do. The state told Dr. Muney that his plan is an insurance policy and he has to be licensed to sell insurance…

…Updated 16 March 2009 @ 1305 PDT: I was listening to Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News late last week (Thursday, 12 May 2009, I believe) and heard Dr. Muney giving an update on the situation. Apparently the State of New York changed its mind–somewhat. The State wrote to the doctor and said he could continue to offer his fixed fee $79/month medical care for preventative health but if someone came in complaining of an illness or injury, he would have to charge them at least $33 for that visit. Bureaucracy at work. I hope he is still fighting this with the state, but at least he is not completely shut down . . .

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