The Washington Examiner – “We’ll Read the Bill, Part 1: ObamaCare’s Employer Mandate”

This Washington, DC, newspaper attempts to do what our politicians do not: read a bill.

In this posting staff writer, David Freddoso, attempts to explain the Employer Mandate portion of the House health care bill:

[[How will ObamaCare affect you? Not in some broad political sense, but in a narrow sense — how will it affect you as an employer, as a patient?

[[It hasn’t been easy for most Americans to find answers. House Democrats won’t even commit to reading the bill they proposed. President Obama admits that he doesn’t know what’s in it.

[[Luckily, we’re here to read it for you.

[[Today’s feature of Health Care Reform is the mandate on employers to provide insurance for employees. What does it mean for your employer, and what does it mean for you?]]

The entire article is at

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