To some, Obama’s immigration delay proves ‘it’s never convenient to help out Latinos’

Ed O’Keefe
The Washington Post

There was nothing mixed or muddled about the reaction.

Among undocumented immigrants and activists working on their behalf, President Obama’s decision to wait until after November’s elections to make promised changes to immigration policy provoked raw anger.

One group called the president’s decision “an affront” to migrant families. Another said Obama had “prioritized politics over reform.”

An immigration lawyer said her clients had been “sold out,” and one longtime activist burst into tears when asked how the decision might affect his friends and family.

“The announcement is pretty shameful and once again demonstrates that for Obama, politics comes before Latino lives,” said Arturo Carmona, executive director of, a Los Angeles-based Latino advocacy group. He said Obama had “raised the hopes of millions of Latinos across the country by promoting anticipation for an executive action, only to smash them for perceived political gain.”…



The article, with video, continues at The Washington Post.


Update: Obama Punts Amnesty Executive Order Until After November Elections

President Obama won’t take any executive action on immigration in the coming weeks, opting instead to wait until after this fall’s midterm elections…



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