Two more icons pass away

Dark Shadows’ Barnabas Collins, Jonathan Frid, Has Died, Perhaps Permanently

Dan Collins
Conservative Commune

Levon Helm also passed away this morning. If you’ve never seen “The Last Waltz,” it’s still, in my opinion, the greatest concert movie ever made, so . . . check it out.

I was one of those kids who hurried home from school to watch the macabre soap opera, “Dark Shadows.” Despite the sometimes incredibly comical production values, it was a unique television experiment with a remarkably long run. Frid played the central character Barnabas Collins with a strange kind of weary passion (i.e., he was Canadian). As I mentioned in comments at Ace’s, we used to get prank calls asking for Barnabas. Usually, I would say I was going to get him and leave the phone off the hook until the pranksters hung up.

Probably fortunately for Frid, he shuffled off his mortal coil before he needed to watch the upcoming movie, though who knows? He might have liked it.

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Update: “Levon Helm, who helped to forge a deep-rooted American music as the drummer and singer for the Band…”

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