U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together

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Limited options for Congress as Obama seeks to bypass lawmakers

Adam Kredo
The Washington Free Beacon

LAUSSANE, Switzerland—The Obama administration is giving in to Iranian demands about the scope of its nuclear program as negotiators work to finalize a framework agreement in the coming days, according to sources familiar with the administration’s position in the negotiations.

U.S. negotiators are said to have given up ground on demands that Iran be forced to disclose the full range of its nuclear activities at the outset of a nuclear deal, a concession experts say would gut the verification the Obama administration has vowed would stand as the crux of a deal with Iran.

Until recently, the Obama administration had maintained that it would guarantee oversight on Tehran’s program well into the future, and that it would take the necessary steps to ensure that oversight would be effective. The issue has now emerged as a key sticking point in the talks…

…“Instead of ensuring that Iran answers all the outstanding questions about the past and current military dimensions of their nuclear work in order to obtain sanctions relief, the U.S. is now revising down what they need to do,” said the source.  “That is a terrible mistake—if we don’t have a baseline to judge their past work, we can’t tell if they are cheating in the future, and if they won’t answer now, before getting rewarded, why would they come clean in the future?”…



The complete article, with video, is at The Washington Free Beacon.


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In Yemen, Saudi Arabia bombs Iranian-backed forces. In Iraq, the U.S. bombs so Iran won’t be boss there. The poison from President Obama’s “New Beginning” with Mideast Muslims just keeps spreading.

Someone would have to be blind not to notice that something new — and terrifying — is happening in the Middle East while Obama has been running U.S. foreign policy.

And it’s getting worse…



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