Ukraine Risks Russian Wrath By Signing EU Deal

Moscow warns of “grave consequences” after the trade pact is signed, as the Ukrainian president extends a ceasefire in the east.

Sky News [UK]
28 June 2014

Ukraine’s president has signed a trade pact with the EU, seven months after his predecessor set off a crisis in the country by backing out of the same deal.

Petro Poroshenko said it may be “most important day” for Ukraine since it became independent from the Soviet Union.

But the deal has angered Russia, which, according to the Reuters news agency, warned of “grave consequences”…

…The deals mean businesses whose goods and practices meet EU standards will be able to trade freely in any union country without tariffs.

“Over the last months, Ukraine paid the highest possible price to make her European dreams come true,” said Mr Poroshenko, who claimed to have signed the Association Agreement with the same pen his predecessor would have used.

“It’s absolutely a new perspective for my country.”…



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