Unbiased media worried that Obama might not be able to exploit Hurricane Sandy sufficiently

Jim Treacher
The Daily Caller

The mainstream media is dependably tough on the President of the United States, assuming he’s a Republican and/or hasn’t been elected yet.

Charlie Spiering reports:

During a weekend press gaggle aboard Air Force One, White House reporters were naturally concerned about Hurricane Sandy and questioned the White House Press staff about the president’s hurricane preparations.

But one reporter was anxious to know if they were prepared for Mitt Romney.

“Are you worried about the possible politicization of the storm response?” the reporter asked. “We’re a week out from the election. Governor Romney might say something about how you guys are responding to it or going to rallies and that stuff.”…


Read the whole thing at The Daily Caller.

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Also, Obama’s Sequester Proposal Slashes Funds for FEMA, Disaster Relief

As Hurricane Sandy approaches the northeast United States, the left is attempting to politicize the storm, attacking Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), for wanting to shift more responsibility for disaster relief from the federal government to the states.

They ignore the fact that President Barack Obama’s proposal for the upcoming budget sequester would cut nearly $900 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, including disaster relief, food and shelter, and flood management at both the federal and state levels…

Update: Bill Clinton, ObamaMedia Already Politicizing Potentially Deadly Hurricane

Update 2: Cher, Lizz Winstead, Salman Rushdie: Sociopath Mitt Romney would have eliminated FEMA

…Why would he deny saying it? Because he didn’t say it…

…“Gov. Romney wants to ensure states, who are the first responders and are in the best position to aid impacted individuals and communities, have the resources and assistance they need to cope with natural disasters.” In short, yes, states should have a greater role in disaster response…


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